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About Us

My name is LD Walker and I want to share a bit about my company and how it all started.

My son, Steve Walker, now runs the daily operations while I myself am retired and relegated to helping where I can. Mind you, it was not all rest and relaxation along the way!

LD Walker Transmission was started back in 1988 in the exact location we are today! Steve at that time was a little boy and I used to bring him to the shop after school to tighten some of the bolts that I’d loosened for him. All told, I’d say his early automotive education paid off because at the tender age of 12, Steve had already repaired his first transmission!

I myself started rebuilding transmissions back in 1957. I worked in a gas station and serviced a 1953 Chevy. I remember it like it was yesterday. When I opened our shop in West Columbia, SC no one knew who LD Walker was, let alone LD Walker Transmissions.

Today, we’re one the most recognized transmission repair shops in all the area, which includes Lexington City and Lexington county.

A family business, you can trust us to rebuild your transmission. No one can touch our rebuilds!

See you around,

L.D. Walker